Broom Wagon


The Broom Wagon will start 15 mins after the last departure time and travel at the minimum average speeds for each route.

If you are passed by the Broom wagon you will be offered assistance, if you refuse and wish to continue then you will be asked to surrender your rider number and continue unsupported.

The event and food stops will be closed by the passing broom wagon.

Riders should be able to maintain the following average speeds;

Entrée Route 7 mph

Swift Half Route 8 mph

3Quarter Route 10 mph

Ton-Up Route 12 mph

Riders starting at the earliest departure time will have the maximum available time to complete the course.

The table below shows the maximum available time (Departing at the earliest start time) and the minimum available time (Departing at the latest start time).


 Max available time   

   Min available time


 4hrs 18mins

 3hrs 48mins


 7hrs 55mins

 6hrs 55mins


8hrs 50mins

7hrs 50mins


9hrs 42mins

 8hrs 42mins


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