60 mile route

Route Summary: 
Total Distance 63.3 miles  
Total Ascent 1093m (3587 ft)

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Upon leaving the start you head across the open space of Chipping Sodbury Common and on to Horton where you enter the smaller lanes. Through Horton and on to Hawkesbury, passed the well kept Church and up the Hawkesbury Howler, not a long hill but still tough before you've got you legs warmed up. At the top you turn left by the duck pond and on passed the tall Hawkesbury monument.  Take a quick look left at the view as the road starts to drop before dropping further as you descend the enjoyable fast flowing descent to Hillesley.

Leaving Hillesley the road continues to fall until you reach a left hand corner where you need to be ready to find a low gear to ascend the short Alderley Grunt with a max gradient of 20%. Catch you breath through Alderley before you reach the bottom of the Tresham Tester.  On to the the T junction with the A46, left on the A46 for about 100 yards before turning right and on to Leighterton where the 60 mile route splits from the 100 mile route at 11.5 miles.

Through Leighterton and head on towards Tetbury and then on to pass the haunted Chevenage House!  The route continues to meander through the quiet lanes passing through Kingscote and on to Nympsfield to the T junction with the B4066 where you are rejoined by some weary 100 milers as they reach the top of Frocester Hill.  At the T junction you take a left and drop down into Uley and Feed stop 1 by the Old Crown Public House.  Reward yourself with some homemade food and top up your water bottles. 

Departing Uley you head out towards the River Severn and some picturesque and prodominately flat miles. Passing through Oldbury on Severn and looping around Thornbury before turning for home at Elberton. A short sharp climb takes you back up from the Severn Vale and passed Feed stop 2, stop if you need a quick break, drink or an energy boost (or more homemade food) then continue along the lanes for the last 10 miles to the finish and a well deserved rest, hot food and maybe a pint!

Significant Hills and Food stops (Distance from start):

4.8 miles; Hill
Hawkesbury Howler (Total Length 0.5miles, Ave Gradient 7% Max Gradient 14% Total Ascent 63.7m)

7.5 miles; Hill
Alderley Grunt (Total Length 0.16miles, Ave Gradient 11% Max Gradient 20% Total Ascent 50m)

7.9 miles: Hill
Tresham Tester (Total Length 0.81miles, Ave Gradient 7% Max Gradient 19% Total Ascent 91m)

11.5 miles: 60/100 mile Routes Split

25 miles: 60/100 mile Routes Combine

26 miles: Feed Stop 1 (Old Crown, Uley)

51.5 miles: Feed Stop 2 (Marlwood School, Alveston)

63 miles: Finish



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